The Best BSG Final Report Writing Guide and Expert Writing Tips

Report writing is a mandatory exercise in business simulations!

Not completing your report may mean obtaining low scores or repeating this course section in some schools. Unfortunately, most students are stuck in the writing process, leaving them on the verge of giving up. Preparing a business strategy game report can be overwhelming-from developing an outline and following the proper format to integrating the BSG language.

Thanks to BSG report help, you don’t have to endure this endless struggle. Our business strategy experts provide an exhaustive BSG final report writing guide. Not sure how to write your final business strategy game report? The BSG Game team is here to help!

What Is a BSG Report?

The BSG report is a strategic analysis of your athletic footwear company’s internal and external factors to help you make better future plans. Typically, the BSG report focuses on the following areas:

  • The athletic footwear industry
  • Your competitors
  • Your firm

This paper presents your company’s goals, the strategies you developed to meet them, and the outcomes. Once you’ve compiled all your firm’s information, you should do a market analysis comparing the whole industry and your competitors’ performance.

All these elements will provide you with conclusions that you can use to identify new opportunities and obstacles. As a result, develop different strategies to solve the issues and maximize the prospects, giving you a competitive advantage.

It’s important to note that this document contributes to 15% of your course grade. Hence, you should maximize your score by articulating the strategy development and implementation and external factors analysis.

With this BSG report overview, you’re perhaps wondering where to begin. Most novice students find report writing challenging, so you’re not alone. Fortunately, you can hire an expert to help complete the entire document or guide you through the format.

So, don’t get stuck choosing a structure for your BSG report; we can help you deliver a flawless piece!

Components of a BSG Report

Writing a top-quality BSG report demands that you follow the correct format. Here are the elements you should incorporate into your paper

  • Introduction

Like any other report document, the BSG report should introduce your audience to your company and industry. You should give a brief orientation to your instructor on what the entire paper focuses on. A good example is when you craft a short sentence expressing gratitude to your professor.

Then tell them that from what you’ve learned, you’ve been able to make many decisions in different departments, including financial analytics, Human resource, production, and business ethics. You can invite the board of directors to look into the report to learn what is happening in their company.

  • Goals Statement

What is your stock price goal?

What is your firm’s EPS objective?

How many footwear retailers and individual customers are you targeting?

Your goals statement should show the firm’s direction. Your instructor does not have to second guess what you mean by a statement like, ‘aiming for a high EPS.’ Be specific to communicate effectively and prove you have strategic management.

Don’t rely on industry levels; focus on specifics-goal of EPS is 15% more than the industry average.

  • Strategy Formulation

What competitive weapons are you applying to accomplish your goals?

Is there a specific business-level strategy that you find suitable for your company’s objectives?

Typically, you’re expected to apply a competitive strategy like low cost, niche cost leadership, or product lifestyle focus differentiator strategy.

Describe the combination of weapons you applied to develop the specific strategy to drive your company’s goals. This may entail stating specific numbers to clarify your firm’s approach.

  • Strategy Implementation

This component concentrates on:

  1. How you will achieve your low-cost strategy
  2. How you’ll produce footwear and meet your demand
  3. How you’ll manage all the operations and make a net profit amount that the investors expect
  • Global Analysis

In this section, you should discuss how the globalization of business has impacted this era. You should also present the global issues that affected your opportunities and the firm’s performance. You can delve into international issues like exchange rates, import tariff, and transportation. In addition, discuss similarities and differences in product demand in the regional markets you’re competing.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship

Every business is expected to be socially responsible to impact society positively. To show your company adheres to this requirement, you should

  1. State whether your company uses green materials and recycled packaging
  2. Articulate the charitable contributions you donate
  3. Express your firm’s initiatives to drive energy efficiency
  4. State whether you implement a workforce diversity program and ethics training
  • Market Analysis

The market analysis comprises two sections

1. Industry Analysis

When writing this section, you should apply the five forces model and the industry lifecycle stages to communicate how the competitive forces have changed the industry and how this has affected our company’s performance.

Based on these changes, is the industry attractive or competitive? And what strategic actions will you take to use the industry shift to your competitive advantage?

2. Competitor Analysis

This section should focus on:

  • The Wholesale Market Demand

You can create strategic group maps to show all the companies and their performance with respect to the market share. You can obtain all this information from the competitive intelligence report.

Ensure you apply the correct color code for precisions when presenting your data in the graphs. Then based on the graphic presentation, state which of these companies you consider will be your closest competitor by year 20.

  • Remaining Competitive Variables

Create a graphic presentation comprising the four variables to show data for the three years. To create a comparison diagram, you should include the company you identified as your closest competitor in the same variable for year 20.

When choosing a graphical format, make sure it illustrates all the information clearly and quickly. You can decide to compare to this company solely.

Once you complete all four graphs, write a paragraph explaining how your firm will likely threaten your closest competitor’s demand for retail market share.

  • Internet Market Demand Analysis

Which company is your closest competitor for the internet market share? Draw a graph explaining why the competitor firm or your company took a particular market share.

  • Private Label Analysis

To present the information best in this section, create a PL graph that compares prices and pairs sold across three years. Then add a paragraph stating your future PL plan and the most significant concerns in the market.

  • Implementation Analysis

This section focuses on your company’s implementation advantages compared to the rest of the teams. You can apply a graph format that presents information quickly and clearly.

  • Performance Analysis

The performance analysis component evaluates your company’s implementation outcomes compared to the closest competitor. How did your close competitors’ implementation outcomes impact your company?

Present the following performance measures;

  1. Sales and net profit
  2. EPS and ROE
  3. Stock price
  4. Credit rating and debt ratios
  5. Image rating

Stuck completing any of these sections? Reach out to our BSG tutor for individualized report-writing help.

Importance of the Business Strategy Game Report

The business strategy game report has a wide focus, including the chosen strategies, competitors analysis, the business strategy implementation, and the outcome. So, why should you prepare a BSG report for your course?

BSG report is significant in the following ways;

1. Helps Assess Your Level of Understanding

Your BSG report reveals numerous details concerning your team, for instance, the competitive strategy you implemented, the difficulties you experienced during the simulation, and how you mitigated them.

It also exposes specific metrics applied in the real business world to measure financial success. This may include financial indicators such as stock price, credit rating, net profit, and ROE.

With this information, your professor can evaluate your understanding of the topics covered. They can also assess your skill level as a team, depending on how you run the company and the solutions you develop anytime there’s a hitch.

2. Gives the Overall Performance of Your Company

From market share and cash flow data to implementation analysis, the BSG report provides exhaustive details regarding your footwear company. It dives deep into the internet market specifics, pairs sold, and the revenue you receive.

Simply put, the BSG report allows your professor and the entire team to have a summary of your company’s state. In addition, your instructor can point out the different areas you made mistakes in and the departments you thrived in, for example, marketing, production, and human resource.

3. Equips You with Report Writing Skills

Whether you join a national or global company after completing your course, report writing is an essential skill in the corporate world. Moreover, you will be entrusted with business report writing in some career positions, which will be presented to the investors and shareholders.

The meticulous writing process lets you learn the necessary steps in business report writing, helping you deliver a top-notch summary of your company’s operations. As a result, anytime you’re required to complete a business report, whether, in an entry-level or intermediate job position, you can easily integrate the essential components and elements, producing a first-rate document.

Not sure what steps you should follow in BSG report preparation? Contact your favorite tutor for the ultimate BSG final report writing guide!

  1. Improves Your Communication Skills

BSG report emulates the business report. In a typical situation, they present complex information in a simple way. This gives the board of directors a general view of the business’s performance. Hence, you must use precise language to ensure they understand the actual situations.

BSG report exposes you to the business language necessary in preparing a flawless document for your company. Moreover, you learn the right word choice to use in your report. Thus, it sharpens your communication skills, allowing you to convey any information to the other parties effectively.

BSG Final Report Writing Expert Tips

When preparing a report for an athletic footwear company, you can improve your score by applying these tips;

Tip 1. Have a Checklist

A checklist comprises all the BSG report requirements, including;

  • The components of a BSG report
  • Your instructor’s guidelines
  • The different data sets you should add to your report

Anytime you write a report, you can toggle through the completed sections before going to the next. This will help you not miss any important detail that may affect your score negatively.

Tip 2. Develop an Outline

Now that your instructor has assigned you a business strategy report don’t dive into crafting the report immediately. Start by researching the required components and studying your company concerning these sections. Then develop an outline considering the two.

An outline gives your team direction and helps you assign every member a role in the writing process. You can easily coordinate the team, for instance, who will compile the market share data, private label analysis section, and the key challenges of company operation.

Tip 3. The BSG Report Structure

The format is vital in any document preparation. This applies to BSG report writing too-from the first and second to the last section. Hence, not following the structure will result in a substandard business document, decreasing your score.

That’s why your team must understand and adhere to the BSG report writing format to achieve great organization.

Tip 4. Use BSG Language

Is it your first time writing a BSG report?

If yes, you must learn the industry language to craft an excellent document. Otherwise, you will not effectively convey company information, obtaining poor results.

So, how can you master the BSG language?

Through research and tutor sessions from a BSG expert. You can also study business strategy work published on leading BSG sites.

Tip 5. Integrate the Right Elements

Visual elements like graphs and charts enhance your document. However, when you integrate the wrong data presentation features, your statements may be misunderstood. That’s why matching each headline’s content with the right visual features is crucial.

Are you stuck creating a suitable outline for your BSG report? Your BSG tutor can help you develop an excellent outline that meets every report guideline.

And if you’re facing a tight schedule such that you can’t study the BSG language adequately, we have a team that can complete the document for you. All you need to do is reach out to us, and we will provide customized help that solves your unique challenge!

Online BSG Final Report Writing Guide Services

Can I get reliable BSG report writing help online?

Are there online experts who can write my BSG report?

The online BSG final report writing guide helps students complete the entire document. Whether you plan to write the whole paper with limited assistance or need a full document writing service, the BSG experts ensure you receive an excellent document that will fetch you a top score.

If you’re stuck developing an outline for your paper, you can ask for BSG outline assistance. When you order this service, the expert creates a brief of what you should incorporate into the document. They also elaborate under each heading on what you should write, helping you have a seamless writing process.

Put another way, BSG professionals provide customized service depending on your challenge or preference. So, you can always ask for guidance, outlines, complete document preparation, or editing.

Why should I use BSG final report writing guide services?

Final report writing services provide numerous benefits. You get top-quality and plagiarism-free documents when you connect with the right expert. You also receive individualized assistance in line with your needs and preferences. The report-writing service is not limited to preparing this document; you can explore other BSG services.

Moreover, our BSG team usually provides free advice on the structure and pro tips to help your document stand out from competitors. So, don’t get stuck crafting your final report; you can ask for help from BSG tutors.

When Should I Get Online BSG Report Writing Help?

BGS students ask for BSG report writing help due to the following reasons

1. Tight Schedule

Are you a parent-student juggling between work, family, and BGS studies?

If yes, you understand how overwhelming it can get to complete workplace tasks, research, write reports, and attend to your family.

Moreover, balancing the long hours of being a CEO and studying BSG can be impossible if you’re a business owner. You don’t have to hand in substandard work or submit your work after the delivery time; online BSG report help is here to ensure you enjoy a seamless academic journey.

BSG experts assist learners with tight schedules to present top-notch tasks. They provide full document preparation, ensuring you graduate with the top score.

2. Expert Guidance

Expert input is essential in every academic pursuit, whether you’re undertaking a BSG-related bachelor’s or master’s degree. With someone who understands the nitty-gritty details of BSG, you can ask for guidance across the entire scope.

In addition, they provide you with expert tips to help you stand out from the rest of the students, improving your ranking. Whether you get stuck writing the competitor’s analysis section or feel uncertain about which element to apply for data presentation, they provide accurate solutions that meet your document’s requirements.

So, don’t hesitate to contact a BSG expert for accurate business simulation papers!

3. Unpredictable Events

So, you just got a call you’re needed in your kid’s school?

Or your manager just called in, informing you of a quick move to a different office location?

Some events are out of our control and must be attended to immediately. As a result, they disrupt your regular schedule, leaving you with inadequate time to complete your academic tasks.

Thanks to BSG help, they offer exhaustive assistance with all your BSG assignments. Whether you need full document writing help or editing, they can help you accomplish your educational goals as you attend to other significant issues.

4. Limited BSG Knowledge

Before you prepare any report, you should understand all the components involved. BSG demands you master and present complex information, including market research, implemented strategies, and the outcomes in all departments.

Unfortunately, if you have inadequate knowledge of the business strategy game, you’re prone to writing inaccurate information on industry analysis, corporate social responsibility, and financial analysis. This means your report will provide inaccurate data about your company, affecting your BSG ranking.

Thanks to BSG report help, it allows you to access professional assistance. You can get excellent documents that present accurate data!

5. Improve BSG Score

BSG ranks your simulation through five default weights: stock price, return on equity, credit rating, image rating, and earnings per share. In addition, your instructor provides assignments that sum up to 46%. These tasks comprise;

  • BSG quizzes at 6%
  • Overall, BSG report at 15%
  • Presentation at 10%
  • Performance at 15%

Hence when you don’t deliver your report, you miss 15%. Suppose you write a substandard document; you will fetch a lower score, affecting your overall performance. To avoid this, students request professional assistance to maximize their assignment scores.

The Best BSG Final Report Writing Guide

As a leading BSG service provider, BSG Game provides top-quality assistance to ensure you improve your business simulation ranking. Depending on your needs, you can order one of the following services

  • BSG Report Outline

Creating an outline can be exhausting, whether it’s your first time writing a business report or not. Reason? You must conduct extensive research to collect all the necessary data. Then follow a long, meticulous writing process.

If you’re unfamiliar with the BSG report format, you will get stuck choosing headers and subheadings. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend endless hours researching how to create an outline; you can ask for expert assistance.

Our team will help you produce exceptional BSG documents that surpass your professor’s expectations, securing top grades!

  • BSG Report Editing

So, you have your report draft but are uncertain about the grammar and language requirements?

Some students prefer writing the entire document without professional assistance. However, they ask for proofreading and editing help before submitting it to their instructors. If this sounds like you, this is your ideal service option.

Our team of experts applies exceptional proofreading and editing skills to identify all grammatical and format issues. Then rewrite the specific sections to refine your content. And if you need guidance on formatting or guidelines, they instruct you according to your report needs.

  • BSG Report Proofchecking

To present a great BSG report, you must follow the format, language, and instructor’s guidelines. If your professor demands that you incorporate unfamiliar elements you’ve not covered during your course; you’re probably wondering whether you did them right or not.

You don’t have to be in a dilemma; you can ask for a professional proof-checking service. This service focuses on examining whether your document meets the professor’s requirements. Then the tutor identifies the mismatches and guides you on how to customize them.

  • Complete BSG Final Report Writing Guide

Whether you’re working on a tight schedule or planning to go on a vacation, the BSG help team can provide you with full document preparation. This means your tutor will research, develop an outline, write the full document, edit, and assess if it meets all the requirements.

With this service, you only go through your work and submit a top-notch document!

In addition, if you need a tutoring session to be equipped with the different headers and subheaders, our expert schedules a Zoom meeting. Then explains the complex components, helping you master the entire report.

BSG Game Help also offers additional services to its clients, including free advice and unlimited revisions. However, it’s important to note that the modifications are only valid if the document does not meet the stated guidelines.

Why Choose BSG Game Report Help?

When you collaborate with the BSG Game help team, you enjoy the following benefits

1. Individualized Help

Every student faces a unique challenge and therefore requires individualized help to succeed in BSG. Think about it; if you’ve completed your report paper and only need editing assistance, the proper professional will not send you the format or BSG components to incorporate into the document.

Instead, they will apply their editing skills to point out format and language issues. Then rewrite the affected sections to produce top-quality documents.

At BSG Game Help, we are committed to providing suitable services tailored to your needs. So, feel free to express your requirements, and we will offer you personalized help.

2. Affordable Services

Finding inexpensive academic help online can be an uphill struggle. Fortunately, with BSG Game help, you receive custom-built services that match your financial ability. Whether you want complete document preparation or report proof checking, you can get affordable professional assistance at BSG Game.

However, it’s important to note that your service type and timeline affect the pricing of your service. So, ensure you select the right delivery time for the best price.

3. 24/7 Customer Support

So, you get home from work late at night trying to complete the BSG game payment process but, unfortunately, get stuck. Should you ask for help in the late hours or wait until morning?

At BSG Game, we understand your schedule is unique, meaning you might need to complete BSG tasks during odd hours. That’s why we have established an all-around-the-clock support team to ensure you get assistance at any time.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help completing the order form or have concerns. We will attend to you with immediacy!

4. Plagiarism-Free Report Document

Plagiarised content can lead to severe outcomes, such as facing the disciplinary committee or repeating the course. BSG Game understands this and therefore offers authentic papers.

Hence, our team of professionals research and write the entire document, then use premium software such as Copyscape and Turnitin to confirm that your document is 100% plagiarism free.

So, if you’re looking for top-quality and 100% unique BSG reports, contact us!

5. Free Revision

Once our professional completes writing your report document, they email it before the deadline. This allows you enough time to evaluate whether the entire paper meets the guidelines you provided.

If not, you can ask for free revision from your tutor. They will then make the necessary changes to meet your professor’s guidelines.

BSG Game help offers unlimited revisions to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome. So, don’t hesitate to request a revision if your task does not match the BSG standards.

6. Expert Help

BSG Game help recruits top BSG graduates who possess exceptional mastery and proficient skills in all BSG requirements. This means they are in a position to address all report-writing challenges. Moreover, their vast report preparation experience enables them to provide top-quality BSG documents, fetching you top scores.

Order Now!

To get BSG final report writing guide, follow this simple process

Step 1. Complete the Order Form

The first step to receiving a top-quality BSG report is filling out the online order form on our site. This step requires that you submit essential details that will facilitate an efficient writing process. They include your email address, the service type, and payment details. You can also submit necessary documents like your professor’s guidelines in this step.

Step 2. Make Payment

The system will autogenerate your price once you enter all the order form details. This is usually determined by the service type and timeline you select. So, always type the right service and delivery time. When the price appears at the bottom, pay through your convenient option. You can choose from PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa.

Step 3. Monitor the Writing Process

After you make payment for your service, you will access the BSG Game team portfolios. This allows you to assess and choose who best suits your report needs. Once you connect with the professional of your choice, you can collaborate with them as you oversee the writing process.

Step 4. Revietopnotchl Report

Does the report meet the provided guidelines?

Do you need any changes made to deliver a top-notch paper?

Our writer will email your report once they’re done writing it, giving you ample time to evaluate whether it meets the BSG requirements. If it does not, your tutor will revise to edit all the necessary areas, providing you with a flawless document.

Step 5. Leave Feedback

If your paper meets all the BSG and your instructor’s requirements, you can submit it. Feel free to leave a comment in the BSG Game service feedback section. This will help our team improve its services to assist you better in the future.

If you struggle to complete any of these steps, our customer support team can help you. You only need to contact them; they will walk you through the final step.

Contact BSG Game for a Topnotch BSG Final Report!

A top-quality BSG final report writing guide ensures you submit exceptional BSG documents. At BSG Game Help, we offer this service at an affordable price to help you meet your academic goals without much strain.

Contact BSG Game today for a stellar BSG report!


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