BSG Game Cheats

The Best BSG Game Cheats Winning the business strategy game BSG can be a hard task, even for the most experienced players. It requires one to study the game and the competition and combine a number of strategies that will give you a competitive advantage over your rivals. In this article, you will learn some …

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How to Increase Image rating,ROE and Share Price in BSG

Increase Image rating ROE And Share Price Image Rating: Improving Image Rating: When playing, you just cannot ignore the necessity of increasing your image rating in BSG. Consider working on the best-cost plan while you’re at it. It enhances the company’s image because a higher S/Q rating and a lower price are strongly related to …

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BSG Year 12 Decisions

Guide On How To Make BSG Year 12 Decisions Strategy: Before you begin entering any numbers, you must first decide on a strategy for the game. Even more importantly, continue with it! So far, I’ve seen two successful strategies: medium-quality shoes (S/Q rating of 5-6 stars) paired with a large number of models (250-350 models) …

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