Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.   What is a Business Strategy Game (BSG)?

BSG (Business Strategy Game) is a fun and challenging business strategy simulation game that examines the challenges and opportunities presented by the business environment today. It helps executives understand their organization’s strengths and weaknesses, points out what can go wrong and makes recommendations for improvement. BSG uses role-playing techniques, similar to those found in traditional military training, to simulate dilemmas encountered in life at work

2.   How can I win the BSG Simulation Game

Embracing team work is an essential factor to winning a BSG Game. Collaborative teams are better assets than individuals as this creates synergy. The game requires a high degree of preciseness which cannot be achieved alone.

Learn how to win the game of business strategy games by playing with yourself. Strategise, critically evaluate, & act! Get to know the game, its rules and mechanics, as well as other players. Set yourself up for success by practicing by choosing multiple strategies that support your goals. Understanding the rules of the game is essential to success—but knowing how to manipulate them can help you find new routes to victory.

3.   Benefits of Using Business Strategy Game

Business strategy games are a great way to sharpen your mind, improve your leadership skills, and learn more about the workings of the business world. These are games that require players to develop strategies for turning a product idea into a successful business.

The game provides an environment for you to reflect on the key business decisions, both strategic and tactical, that your business has needed to make in order to sustain current growth and begin to seize new opportunities.

4.   How do I increase my Credit score in BSG

In order to increase the credit rating of a company, you must pay off your debts or loans, increase your revenue and improve cash flow and cash in hand. You can also cut down on labor, advertising spending, materials, and delivery expenses. This will prepare the company for an emergency, maintain a healthy finances and more importantly make it easy to repay any loans.

5.   How to improve my Image Rating in BSG

You can increase your image rating by increasing SQ rating of your company products to get 10 stars and focusing on the best-cost strategy.

Another way to boost the image rating of a company can be through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)CSR initiatives within a geographic region. However, you should be cautious about how much you spend in this area.

You can also lower the price of your products say at least 20% in a bid to gain a larger market share against competing groups.

6.   What is SQ Rating?

Styling Quality (SQ) Rating is a rating of the style and quality of the products and services offered by a company. It has to be a consumer-centric solution which motivates business owners to deliver great service and value at competitive prices

Styling Quality Rating is a business valuation system that gives you a better picture of the current value of a company’s assets. It was developed as an alternative to traditional methods of valuing companies.

7.   How can I increase SQ Rating in BSG?

There are two ways to increase the Styling Quality rating of a Business. The first is to improve its style. This means that you need to and invest early in plant upgrades to make sure that the business has desirable products and services. You can create an exclusive and unique collection that reflects your style, quality and unique approach to achievement, which will attract customers. Another way to increase the Styling Quality score is by creating an online presence where consumers can access information about your business and make purchase decisions.

8.   How do you know when a stock price will increase?

Stock prices rise and fall based on demand and supply. Stock prices generally rise when a company’s profits increase. This is because, for the most part, stock prices are measured against the company’s profit. Also, the company in question may acquire another company and receive a boost in its market valuation.

Additionally, a increase in the trading volume of a company stocks may be an indication of a positive sentiment in the company. This may cause a rally in the stock price. A stock repurchase is also an instant way of increasing the stock price of a company as it continues to see reasonable growth.

A stock price may also fall when a company profits fall. This gives investments negative sentiment about the future of the company thus many investors will sell their stocks.

9. How do I raise my RoE in BSG?

There are many factors that you might consider for increasing return on equity in your company. These may include: increasing profit margins and managing expenses, improving asset utilization, making investments in growth strategies, enhancing corporate debt structure and control over financial matters etc.

10. How can I increase the net revenue of my business?

Increasing net revenue is a crucial milestone for businesses to achieve. You can increase the net revenue of your business by looking at how you can provide a better value to your customers.

But like any process, there are many ways that you can increase the net revenue of a business, including selling additional products, selling complementary products and services, marketing activities or through improving product sales processes, focusing on higher quality products or services for your target market, improving your customer service, and offering price discounts on selected items.

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