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The Business strategy game is one of the most complex disciplines for most students. You must possess specific skills, knowledge, and experience to maximize profits and win BSG. As such, most students struggle to excel in the game, necessitating looking for professional BSG game help, and this is where we come in.

We have put together a team of talented and experienced players with in-depth knowledge of BSG to help you improve your scores. Our gamers will implement every possible strategy to help you gain a competitive advantage and come out as a winner.

You just have to reach out to us. We are ready to help you get your target scores without a hassle.

What Is The BSG Game?

If you are new to the concept, you may be unsure what Business Strategy Game (BSG) is.

The business simulation game is one of the most reliable and trusted teaching and learning pedagogy for students or employees looking to improve their business knowledge and skills.

BSG game is an online exercise that divides players or students into two groups or teams. The players are then assigned tasks, allowing them to compete with others in the same field.

The game’s goal is to enable learners to learn essential business concepts, including generic strategy, cost-focused strategy, cost differentiation strategy, low-cost strategy, and broad-focused strategy.

That said, winning the Business Strategy Game BSG is not straightforward. You must make critical decisions such as building a robust pricing strategy that focuses on low cost and improving your S/Q rating to build brand loyalty. And this is where our BSG game help experts come in.

We can provide a detailed step-by-step business strategy game guide to help you navigate this online exercise, allowing you to stay ahead of your competition.

Benefits of The Business Strategy Game (BSG)

Most professors and employers today prefer using the BSG game to help their learners familiarize themselves with essential business concepts over other models. The reason? Below are the benefits of the business strategy game.

Let’s delve right in!

1. Equips New Business Management Knowledge and Skills

BSG online game exposes you to various real-world business concepts you may not have encountered in school. For instance, you learn how to run a successful company despite the workforce diversity and decision-making in a competitive business environment.

Playing the business strategy game also introduces you to new business strategy knowledge, including the best cost strategy, competitive strategy, and cost differentiation strategy, to mention a few. With the game, you also learn the best strategies to maximize your business’s profits. This does not only help you win the online BSG game. You also improve your ability to take on managerial roles.

2. Learning by Doing

If you are like most learners, you will likely recall 20 percent of what you hear, 10 percent of what you read, and 80 percent of your personal experiences. The business strategy game allows you to choose different strategies and experience the consequences of your decisions in different aspects of the business personally: learning by doing.

3. Integrates Learning from Relevant Business Areas

The BSG online game draws the core elements of a functional organization’s performance, including strategy, accounting, finance, and marketing, among other functional areas. This enables you to handle real-time business issues.

For instance, you can create a low-cost strategy to increase your business’s net profits or develop marketing techniques for your products and services in your marketing department by playing the business strategy online game.

4. Improves Problem-solving Skills

You are not solely required to identify a problem when playing a BSG game online. You further have to make strategic steps to solve the problem. For instance, you have to accomplish specific goals and objectives when making a decision round for every year.

If specific results do not match the expected outcome, you and your team have to identify the challenge and create strategies to overcome the problem. For instance, if you realize a low net profit due to reduced sales due to limited market share, your team can build a marketing plan to attract new clients from your target audience to improve the following year’s results.

5. Boosts Competency for Planning for Business Operations

As a business owner, you have to create strategic plans to be successful in a highly competitive business environment. You will likely face stiff competition from other team, so you must boost your industry’s sales and image rating and gain more significant market shares.

The business strategy game helps you acquire strategic planning practices, enabling you to build seamless operations. Whether you want to launch a private label, increase branded production or improve branded distribution, BSG helps you achieve this.

Sign up for our BSG best practices training to acquire best planning practices for business operations to gain a competitive edge over class members.

6. Stimulates Co-operation

To win a BSG game online, you must work in a cross-functional team that stimulates cooperation and conversation with other class members. Every member of the group further has to play their role exceptionally to stay on top of the competition. This improves learners’ collaborative skills, preparing them to be team players in the business world.

Working in teams also paves the way for peer-to-peer learning, not to mention allowing you to better understand the diverse perspective in your company operations.

7. Encourages Data-Driven Decision-Making

The BSG online game helps you gain experience in business managerial roles as your team plays by creating direct competition with other class members. For excellent company performance, you must consider factors such as your company’s image rating, stock price, internet sales and prices, wholesale price, and competitors’ prices.

Through playing BSG online game, you learn how to gather data about these critical factors. You can then leverage this information when making crucial business decisions, enabling you to streamline operations, improve performance, and increase net profits.

8. Imitates Reality

The business strategy games imitate real-world challenges and factors that impact most organizations. This gives you and your team a big-picture view of business operations, allowing you to make suitable decisions.

BSG Guide – How to Win the Business Strategy Game

An excellent way to win the business strategy game online is to start the exercise right. Contact our business strategy game help experts for best practices, training, and guidance to help you achieve this. The following are more Business Strategy Game(BSG) tips you should practice to gain a competitive edge over other teams.

Let’s get started.

1. Pick a Winning Strategy

To win a business strategy game, you should first choose a strategy to pursue when playing BSG online and then stick to it. This allows you to get maximum net profits, not to mention improve your company’s image and credit rating. If you do not pick a strategy, you will solely prioritize ending market share or cash and revenue, increasing the chances of losing to the competition.

Here are some BSG game strategies you could choose:

  • The high-quality/low-models strategy. With the high-quality/low-model strategy, you must pair shoes with an S/Q rating of 8-10 stars (high-quality pairs) with low model numbers, often 50 pairs.
  • Mid-quality/high model strategy. With this strategy, your team should combine medium-quality shoes (pairs with an S/Q rating of 5-6 stars)with a high number of models, usually 250 to 350

2. Keep an Eye for Price Elasticity

Once you develop an accurate sales forecast, determine whether or not adjusting the internet price and wholesale shoe prices impacts consumer demand positively. It is worth noting that the business strategy online game does not base demand on individual values. Instead, it depends on price ranges.

3. Invest in More Stock in the Initial Stage

The initial stages of the business strategy game are some of the most critical, so you must utilize them fully. You could consider buying back stock to make the most of this stage. Be sure to do this in the early stages, as the stock prices are significantly low initially. You could even consider lender financing if you do not have sufficient funds.

4. Invest in Longterm Initiatives

A crucial long-term cost savings investment you could consider incorporating into your business strategy game is building space in Latin America. The reason? Latin America provides some of the cheapest labor costs. You are also guaranteed to save up to $10 in tariff expenses if you open space in Latin America. To gain economies of scale, consider building at least 3000.

Leveraging our Total Quality management and best practice and ethics training can also help you start your game strong, not to mention enabling your team to lead over the years. While you could miss out on some profits and earnings per share in the initial years, you will realize a significant increase in the EPS in the years 15 to 17, not to mention getting a maximum net profit.

5. Bid Random Amounts on Private Label and Celebrities’ Bids

The BSG game awards bids for private labels and celebrities down to a penny. Consider bidding random amounts to increase the chances of winning the bids. For instance, you could bid $15.95 instead of $16.00 in private label bids to increase the chance of winning.

6. Do Not Drop Your Retailer Support

One of the most significant mistakes people make while playing BSG online is dropping their retailer support. Most people argue that dropping retailer support in the initial years will help their net profits and earnings per share. However, this is not always the case.

Dropping retailer support early reduces your demand over the years, preventing you from maximizing your profits and EPS. For this reason, consider keeping your retailer support above average, then drop it in the final year to grow your demand.

Sign up for our BSG online game help to avoid mistakes like dropping your retailer support too early to increase the chances of winning.

7. Bid for Long-term Contract Celebrities in Early Stage

Celebrity competition often intensifies in the middle stage of the online game and reduces significantly towards the end. For this reason, consider buying long-term contract celebrities during the initial stages of the game to lock in their prices. The reason? Bidding for long-term contract celebrities in the early stage provides you with a cushion during the financial storm in the game’s final stages.

8. Predict Material Prices

Be sure to always try and predict the cost of superior materials for your branded production to maximize net profits. In a BSG game, the image rating and supply and demand influence the cost of the standard and superior materials.

9. Work on Your Sales Forecast

Dedicate more time to your sales forecast. Be sure to optimize each decision round while toggling the values to maximize the net profit for each decision entry. It is worth noting that you do not have to worry about market share on an online BSG simulation game. Instead, focus on the net profit.

While winning the BSG game simulation is challenging, you can increase the chances of taking the lead against any other branded production company team and maximizing profits by applying the above tips.

Factors to Consider to Win Business Strategy Game

Although BSG is an online game simulation, it is not straightforward. You have to consider various factors simultaneously to win the game. These factors include:

  • Increasing image rating
  • Maintaining returns on average equity investment
  • Maintaining earnings growth

Let’s discuss each of these factors.

Tips For Increasing Image Rating in BSG

You have to improve your image rating to stay ahead of your competition in a BSG game. To be on the safe side, always aim for an image rating of at least 70 when playing BSG. Below is a guide on how to increase image rating in BSG:

i) Build the Best Cost Strategy

Having the best cost strategy is critical to improving your company’s image. How? Maintaining a lower price while increasing the S/Q rating is directly linked to achieving a higher image rating.

ii) Aim for at least 20% Market Share

If competing against five other groups, you should aim for at least 20% market share in every segment. This ensures you are evenly represented in the four geographical regions recommended by BSG, enhancing your overall image rating.

Ensure your group is the first to get ten stars, especially when the other teams follow the best cost strategy to improve your image rating.

iii) Be Strategic in your spending

Be careful not to overspend or underspend.

How to Raise Your Return On Equity (ROE) in Business Strategy Game

Return on equity is the net profit or net income. It is often divided by the shareholder’s total equity in the company. If your company realizes a higher ROE ratio, it implies that the organization is making more profit per the capital equity provided by the stakeholders.

With that being said, it is worth noting that Return on Equity (ROE) is among the top performance measures on which your industry is graded. For this reason, you should work on maintaining an average ROE of 15%. The following are ways to boost your return on equity in a BSG game:

i) Repurchase Stock

An effective way to boost ROE and increase earnings per share and stock price is by repurchasing shares of stock. By repurchasing shares of stock, you significantly decrease co-managers’ equity investment in your organization, the ROE calculation’s denominator.

ii) Raise Net Profit and Revenue

Be sure to pursue actions to increase your company’s revenue and net profit. For instance, you could consider expanding your company operations more so when your plants operate at an 80% capacity to increase the profit margin. Net profit is the numerator when calculating return on equity.

Why You Need BSG Game Help

Are you wondering why you should seek our professional BSG game help? Below are reasons to contact us today.

Let’s get started.

1. Better Scores

Most professors include your performance in the BSG game when grading you. For this reason, getting the best scores in the BSG online simulation game is critical to improve your overall grades, and this is where our BSG game experts come in.

Our primary goal is to help our clients excel in their academic work. This is why we have a team of players who are well-versed in the game to help you improve your score. You will not be disappointed when you partner with us.

2. Save Time

You can agree that students have some of the busiest schedules. From attending lectures, preparing notes for different courses, and sitting for various tests to engaging in extracurricular activities. This leaves little or no time to focus on the BSG online simulation game.

We are here to help. Our business strategy game experts can handle all your games within the specified timeframe, allowing you to focus on other activities. All you need to do is contact us, and we will be happy to help.

3. Save Money

Failing to get the target score in the business strategy game could be detrimental to your overall grade. This could result in retaking the course, which can be expensive. Let our experts help you with the game to increase your chances of winning and improve your score to avoid incurring more expenses when resitting the course.

4. Challenging Business Strategy Game

BSG may be an online game, but it is not simple. As earlier established, you have to pick the best strategy, improve your company’s image and credit rating, and raise ROE and EPS while considering the competitor’s strategy to gain a competitive advantage and win BSG. This can be challenging for beginners or students who lack the required skills.

But do not worry. Our BSG experts have been here for years. Armed with different years of experience, they can help you navigate the game to ensure you win. Contact us today!

Who Qualifies for Our BSG Game Help?

Are you stranded while engaging in a BSG online simulation game? Do you not have the relevant skills to play the game or lack enough time to play and wonder whether you qualify for our help? The following are students who qualify for our business strategy game help.

1. Those Without the Skills Needed to Play The Game

If you are a beginner, you likely have little or no knowledge of the skills and tricks needed to win BSG online. The good news is, you qualify for our help. We will play the BSG game on your behalf to help you get the best scores.

2. Those Who Want to Build Confidence in BSG Online Competitions

BSG is not solely limited to students. Different people, including professionals, can engage in the game. However, if you are a new player, you may lack the confidence to play against experts, often due to an inferiority complex.

If this is you, then you are eligible for our help. We can help you win BSG, and through these wins, you get to build your confidence. This encourages you to keep engaging in the BSG online competitions.

3. Those Who Lack Time to Play

If you have tight schedules at work or school and cannot spare enough time to engage in BSG, do not hesitate to contact us. We will handle the game on your behalf as you go about your business.

4. Those Who Want to Achieve Targeted Scores

Our business strategy game help is not limited to beginners. If you have been engaging in the game for quite some time but have never achieved your targeted score, our experts are here for you.

Besides playing the game on your behalf, we can offer further BSG online tutoring to help you increase online sales and improve your score.

What Makes Our Business Strategy Game Help Special?

Why choose us?

With the influx of agencies offering BSG online game help, choosing the right company can be challenging. To help you make an informed decision, we have put together six reasons why our services stand out.

1. Expert Help

Our primary goal is to help students get the best scores in the business strategy game. For this reason, our agency only hires experts with a proven track record in BSG.

All our employees have the relevant knowledge, experience, and skills in BSG, so you are guaranteed to improve your scores and take the lead in the competitions.

2. Affordable Service

Students often face financial constraints throughout their academic life. We understand, which is why we offer our services at pocket-friendly rates to cater to all students, regardless of their financial abilities.

All you have to do is get in touch with us and get a free quote on the cost of your work. You can then go about your business as we handle your work.

3. Round the Clock Customer Care Support

Are you a last-minute student? We got you covered. We offer our services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means if you have an urgent order or queries related to your work, you can contact us at any time.

4. Confidentiality

We guarantee 100% confidentiality with our services. Be assured that your personal details and information will remain private when you work with us.

5. Best scores

We aim to provide students with a platform that allows them to excel academically. As such, we partner you with experts well-versed in BSG to help you play the game.

Our professional will help you make and optimize each decision entry, including the internet and wholesale segment, private label, finance and cash flow, branded production, and distribution in your athletic footwear company to help you win BSG.

6. BSG Online Tutoring

Apart from helping you play the game, we also provide BSG online tutoring and ethics training to help our clients navigate the game independently. Our employees, who are highly knowledgeable and know the ins and out of the game, tailor their sessions to specific learner’s weaknesses. This enables learners to improve their skills which is critical to winning the game.

We also offer helpful tips and strategies for specific years to ensure better BSG scores.

Get Business Strategy Game Help Today!

Winning BSG online when playing against any other branded production company team is challenging, especially for students or players who require ethics training. You need to seek a BSG expert’s help in such a situation before engaging in the game.

We are here to help.

Our BSG online Game Help consists of expert players who know the strategies, tips, and tricks required to win BSG. As such, we are in an excellent position to help anyone who’s stranded to navigate the Business Strategy game. With us, you are guaranteed not only the best scores. Any other branded production company team does not stand a chance against you upon partnering with us.

Contact us today and get to work with the champions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the business strategy game work?

In a Business Strategy Game, students are divided into groups, often consisting of one to five members, then assigned to run an athletic footwear company that deals with private label and branded footwear. The teams are then required to market and sell the footwear while competing against each other. The team with the highest scores wins the game.

2. How do I increase my demand in BSG?

Leveraging wholesale and celebrity advertising is an effective way to boost the chances of winning the game and increase the demand for your products. That said, ensure you have adequate supply to realize the full potential of the surplus demand.

3. How can I improve my BSG Credit Rating?

Improve your credit rating by paying off existing debts and borrowing new loans. Be sure to check your existing debts and interest in the financial footwear industry report, page 5.

4. What affects image rating in BSG?

Various factors impact your company’s image rating. They include:

  • The company’s efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The company’s branded S/Q ratings in the four geographic regions
  • Your industry’s global market shares for both private-label and branded footwear

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