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 Business Strategy Game Refund Policy

The business strategy online game makes provisions for a refund to individuals who express sincere discontent with the Guide offered. A refund claim should there be any should be lodged within seven days of a guide purchase. After this, BSG will initiate a refund process and a refund made almost immediately.

The mission of those involved in creating the game is to help all students achieve great objective success with the game. This is done and made possible through utilizing the experience shared on various BSG game platforms.

However, the key to this success is understanding and internalizing the BSG game policy. Thus, students are advised to take their time and go through the game policy for clarity and seek assistance where necessary. Here are a few policy tips you need to know about the BSG game refund policy that you can use if you wish to make a BSG game refund request.

1: Read All the Information Provided in the Guide

The BSG game is all about a guide given in various forms on various platforms to various students. The information provided in the Guide is very crucial to any BSG game’s success. This information can assist you in achieving your BSG game objectives perfectly.

When reading the BSG game information, ensure you read every word of the information provided. Many students make the mistake of just going through the first pages of the Guide provided and leaving the rest. This doesn’t seem right. If you do that, you will likely do things out of total ignorance which might make you miss out on the refund itself.

2: Make a Contact within the First Seven Days of Purchase

The time you make contact after buying a BSG game is significant. If you try making a refund contact out of this time, then there is a chance your request might be turned down. This is why you are advised to stick to the stipulated time policies if you wish to make a BSG game refund.

The right time to contact BSG for a refund is within the first seven days of the purchase. The seven-day time is strategic because it is deemed the average time length for any BSG round to pass.

3: Seek Personal Assistance

When looking for a BSG refund, allow the site’s owner an opportunity to help you out. The Guide you see and read contains very tiny details about the BSG game. By allowing the site owner to help you out, you stand to tap into the critical and strategic knowledge of the site owner.

4: Instant Refund

One thing about many BSG site refund policies is that most of them are instant. This means you are served almost immediately once you make a refund claim. Various reasons might compel one to make a refund claim on a BSG site.

One of these reasons is when a student is unsatisfied with the Guide provided. If you find yourself in such a position, you better make a refund claim immediately. Check the BSG refund policy time frames to avoid making your claim out of the stipulated time.

If you are convinced you to need a refund and nothing else, move ahead and make a claim immediately. Remember, the time you make your refund claim will determine how soon you get refunded.

5: More about the Refund Policy

Most BSG game sites uphold their refund policies in good faith and fairness. The sites do this to uphold and champion BSG and the Global Business Simulation Game. In this regard, therefore, most of the strategies provided are both reliable and accurate.

Being this way, the site owners wish to see you uphold the same exact values of fairness and good faith. Doing so will make it easy for you and the site owners to serve you much more quickly.

6: Come Up With Realistic Expectations

On so many occasions, site owners wake up to unrealistic expectations from various students. Some of these expectations include claims about hacking the game with cheats. Apart from that, some students expect that site owners can offer a single set of numbers capable of working in all scenarios across the years.

Such actions depart from strategic management and only constitute blind inputs at best. A good number of strategies offered in the BSG game guide are founded on logic and applicable business practices.


The BSG game refund policy is straightforward and is based on honesty and transparency. If you are unsatisfied for any reason with the Guide given to you by BSG, you are free to return it right away. Once you do that, you can then move ahead to initiate a refund claim within seven days. Upon doing so, you will receive a refund based on your purchase and the nature of your claim.

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