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Understanding the Business Strategy Game

Understanding the Business Strategy Game: A Comprehensive Guide for Success

Your Business Strategy game score is an integral part of your overall performance as a student. However, although it is an online program, you must fully familiarize yourself with the game, possess specific skills, and have in-depth knowledge of the simulation to win. This, coupled with the tight student schedule, make hacking BSG challenging, especially for beginners.

We are here to help. Our BSG Online Game Help experts have put together a detailed guide to enable you to understand the game. We will help you familiarize yourself with what BSG is, how the game works, the simulation benefits and the best strategies to win and stay ahead of other class members.

In case you get stuck, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to offer the help you need to boost your performance at a pocket-friendly price. We could even play the game on your behalf!

What is the Business Strategy Game?

If you are a beginner, you may be unsure what the BSG game is.

The Business Strategy game is an online simulation where students are divided into teams or groups. The students are then delegated to run an athletic footwear company across four regions: Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Europe Africa.

As the students compete to become the industry leader, they acquire essential business concepts such as broad-focused strategy, cost differentiation strategy, generic strategy, low-cost strategy, and cost-focused strategy.

How The Business Strategy Game Works — A Quick Overview

In BSG, at least five class members are delegated to run an athletic company that manufactures and sells private-label and branded shoes. The class members then engage in a head-to-head competition with other industries managed by other students.

The company co-managers need to assess the market conditions, establish a long-term strategy and direction for their companies, forecast sales volumes, and evaluate how to respond to competitors’ actions. Other company co-managers responsibilities include making significant decisions related to:

When the co-managers make a decision, its impact is shown on the onscreen calculations. The effect of this decision is projected on the earnings per share, Return on Equity investment (ROE), market shares, revenue, unit costs, unit sales and net profit. This enables the company co-managers to gauge the merit of over decision over another.

The secret to achieving excellent performance for your company is experimenting different decision entries combination. You could also watch the video tutorials on every decision screen or leverage the Help sections. This enables you to acquire tips and tricks to win BSG, not to mention knowledge of calculating numbers and company reports.

Another trick to gain a competitive advantage over other class members and boost your score is by setting reasonable prices, offering a variety of footwear models and styles, providing attractive shoe quality and styling, and seeking celebrity endorsements. Managers could also invest in robust advertising and ensure short delivery and shipping times to enhance company performance.

With that being said, to win BSG, managers further have to consider factors like the company’s image rating, earnings per share, return on equity, credit rating, and stock prices simultaneously.

Benefits of The BSG Online Game

Most employers and professors today have embraced the BSG simulation as a critical learning tool for essential business concepts. The reason? The following are four benefits of the Business simulation game.

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1. Equips Students with Handson Experience in Managerial Roles

Running a company in a head-to-head competition against companies managed by other class members puts you in an active managerial role. You and other co-managers have to assess the market share, build a long-term strategy and direction for your company, decide how to respond to your competition’s actions, forecast sales volumes, and make decisions like workers’ compensation and training, pricing and marketing, capacity expansion, and corporate citizenship.

Since you are responsible for your company’s performance, you have to develop competitive, cost-efficient, and strategic ways to boost your score. This improves your problem-solving and critical thinking skills and decision-making prowess, molding you into an effective manager in the real world.

2. Impacts New Business Management Skills and Knowledge

Playing the BSG online simulation exposes you to different real-world business concepts you may not have encountered in the classroom. For instance, you get to manage a successful organization despite the highly competitive environment and diverse task force.

BSG also equips you with new knowledge, including cost differentiation, best cost, and competitive strategies. Playing and understanding the Business Strategy Game also teaches you the best ways to increase profits, improving your ability to hack managerial responsibilities.

3. Boosts Data-driven Decision Making

Factors like earnings per share, internet sales and prices, competitor prices, return on equity investment, wholesale prices, and image rating impact your performance on BSG.

By engaging in the game, you familiarize yourself with gathering information about these factors. You then use the data to make decision entries that improve your performance, maximize profits, and streamline operations. This enables you to build a data-driven decision-making culture.

Best Strategy to Win BSG

Be sure to start the simulation right to gain an edge over other class members early in the game. You should leverage our BSG Online Game Help for tips, tricks, suggestions, advice, guidance and best practices training. We are here to offer the assistance you need 24/7. Read on for more ways to win the BSG online simulation.

1. Pick a Winning Strategy

An excellent way to take the lead against any other team in the simulation is by choosing a strategy and sticking to it. If you do not start the simulation by picking a strategy, you solely focus on money, revenues, or ending market share, increasing the chances of losing to the competition. Picking a strategy helps boost net profits.

Below are BSG strategies you could choose from:

2. Ensure Collaboration

Your team has to work collaboratively to be successful in the simulation. Your team members need to learn how they complement each other, build synergy, and push the same strategy to take the lead over other companies.

When picking an ideal BSG strategy for your company, ensure you consider each team member’s different points of view to increase your chances of winning. However, ensure the points of view are backed by in-depth research and knowledge.

3. Build Space in Latin America

If you are looking to invest in a long-term saving strategy, consider opening space in Latin America. This is because Latin America has one of the most affordable labour costs.

What’s more? You could cut up to $10 in tariffs by opening space in Latin America.

4. Launch a Private Label

Do not solely focus on producing and selling branded footwear. Consider investing in a private label too. A private label means more profits. It is also an excellent strategy to take money from your competitors through outbidding.

With that being said, ensure you have adequate production capacity before launching a private label. This helps you avoid choosing whether to sell less or more in wholesale and internet marketing.

5. Avoid Skipping the 3-Year Financial Projections

Avoid being penalized in BSG by not skipping your company’s three years financial projections. You will also likely reap long-term financial benefits by maintaining your credit rating

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the business strategy game work?

In the BSG online simulation, one to five class members are divided into groups and delegated to run a footwear company. This company competes head-to-head with other companies run by other class members across four regions.

2. How do you win the BSG business strategy game?

To win BSG, choose a winning strategy, launch a private label, do not skip your 3-year financial projections, ensure collaboration, and build space in LA.

3. What is the purpose of the BSG game?

BSG puts students in a scenario where they compete and apply the knowledge they have acquired throughout the course. It improves their critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

4. How to increase earnings per share in the business strategy game?

Repurchase stock. This decreases the shares owned by shareholders. You gain higher earnings per share when the net income is divided by fewer shares.

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