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The Best BSG Game Cheats

Winning the business strategy game BSG can be a hard task, even for the most experienced players. It requires one to study the game and the competition and combine a number of strategies that will give you a competitive advantage over your rivals.

In this article, you will learn some of the business strategy game cheats and valuable tips that will catapult you into the grand champion status of the BSG online game.

Business strategy game cheats

Participate in corporate citizenship and CSR initiatives

Some of the ways your company can display good corporate behavior are by using environmentally friendly materials such as the use of recycled packaging, implementing workforce diversity training programs, and involving employees in best practices training such as ethics training.

Involving employees in best practices training is not only good for the company image, but it also makes sure that the quality of work done and the workmanship is of a higher standard. For example, the number of shoes that will be rejected due to not meeting the required standard will be lower. This should be coupled with other things such as upgrading the plants, ensuring good base pay, levels of compensation, and compensation incentives in order to boost worker productivity and workmanship among the workers.

Caution should be taken when budgeting for the training so that you avoid diminishing marginal returns.

Get a high image rating.

It is important for your company to maintain an image rating of at least 70. To achieve this, these are some of the strategies that your company should implement.

  • Maintain a higher S/Q rating for your branded shoes across the four geographic regions. S/Q ratings are dependent on factors such as the spending on designs and style, the ratio of quality materials used, and expenses on practices such as TQM.
  • Active participation in corporate citizenship for a period of at least 4 to 5 years.
  • Growth in the market share in the four regions for both branded and private label shoes.

Increase the market share across the four regions

Make sure your products are evenly represented across the four geographic regions. To dominate this, consider the following tips

  • Your wholesale price for footwear should be below the average market price. You will sell more shoes if prices are lower as long as other factors such as the S/Q ratings are not affected.
  • Make sure the S/Q ratings of your company are high. Companies with a higher S/Q rating will outsell companies with low ratings because the buyers are getting value for their money. Keep in mind that s/Q ratings are affected by factors such as quality of materials (use a healthy mix of superior materials), and the amount of inventory left from the previous year. So make sure to clear the inventory in preparation for the new year. You can do this by offering the shoes at a discounted price.
  • Offer a variety of footwear designs. You will sell more shoes if your company offers a wide breadth of footwear that allows customers to choose from the designs and use.
  • Short delivery time. This means that the retailers are less likely to run out of stock and the consumer demands are met in the shortest time possible.
  • Offer support to the retailers carrying the company’s brand. Retailers who feel supported are more likely to stock your brand. You can do this by increasing advertising to increase awareness of the shoes or by providing more information on the shoe styles and designs that the retailer can pass on to the buyers.
  • Highly effective website sales effort. The website sales for the branded label footwear will be highly boosted if they are backed by efficient shipping processes, high celebrity appeal, aggressive advertisements, and higher S/Q quality.
  • Aggressive advertisement. It is definitely important to take the investment in the advertising budget seriously. Companies that invest in advertising services have a greater chance of capturing market share, and the retailers are more inclined to stock up on those brands as they feel supported.


Increase your profit margin

One winning strategy that will give your business success is understanding the ways you can boost your profits. These are some of the tips and tricks that will guide you.

  • Use the best cost strategy. This low-cost strategy makes sure that you keep your price lower than the other players. You do this by maintaining low operating costs to increase the revenue margins.
  • Use the differentiation strategy. This means you are setting your shoes apart by staying ahead with unique styling features and designs that have a higher S/Q rating.
  • Aim to dominate at least two market shares across the four geographic locations. This should be possible by having highly efficient plants in those regions that run at a lower cost than any other company.
  • Focus your strategies on being the leader in at least two or more market segments. For example, your idea could be to dominate the private label market, the internet sales, or your focus could be on targeting the wholesale market to retailers.

Stick to a particular strategy across all the regions or customize each business strategy to suit the specific needs of or competition in the different regions.

Maintain a positive financial position.

One of the most important decisions you will make will touch on your finances. You will have to make choices on the type of loans you should take, when to purchase stock, how long you will pay your loans, and the rate at which you should pay out dividends to your shareholders. These are some of the tips you can use to win the business strategy game.

  • Grow the stock price of your company’s shares by at least 5% between the years 10 and 15.
  • Aim for a higher credit rating of B+ or above. You can do this by paying off your loans at the earliest possible time. It is important to figure out what type of loan is suitable for your company. Long-term loans attract lower interest rates compared to short-term loans.
  • Higher dividend payouts to the shareholders have the ability to boost the confidence of the shareholders and can increase the stock price of the company’s shares.
  • Use cash to repurchase and retire outstanding shares so that you can boost the earnings per share, the ROE, and the company stock.


Pay attention to the reports.

In order to come up with good strategies for the future of your footwear company, it is important to analyze and get a sound understanding of the market reports.

The footwear industry report FIR gives you an overview of the factors of production of the athletic footwear industry, such as the prices of materials, the number of shoes sold, demand forecast for the coming years, S/Q trends, and your company’s costs compared to the other teams and other information.

The Competitive intelligence report (CIR) gives you a look at the market snapshot that shows you factors that will affect the competition, such as the S/Q ratings, the prices, advertising efforts, delivery times, and a company analysis report that shows you the competing factors of the other teams’ companies.

Company reports include analysis of factors such as distribution, private label, and branded sales reports, cash flow and income statement, balance sheets; and plant operations reports.

A deeper analysis and study of these reports will enable you to make sound judgments and predictions on the kind of strategy that would guarantee that you are playing to win the online game.


Finally, it is important to understand that as you employ these strategies, make sure that they are in line with your strategy and try not to overdo it. For example, as you participate in the CSR initiatives, make sure the programs are sustainable and are not hurting the financial standing of the company, so make sure there is a balance.

You should also remember that you are running the company as a team that is emulating the real-life conditions of a workplace, so conduct yourself professionally, communicate effectively, and be open to a new set of ideas even if you sometimes do not agree with them. Remember that winning is at stake, and make sure to learn everything in preparation for a career in the business field.

If you go through the guides and implement the above tips, you will be sure to win in the business strategy game.

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