Business Strategy Game Cheats

Business Strategy Game Cheats

Are you looking to stay ahead of your competition in the Business strategy game challenge? Wondering how to win BSG? We have got you covered.

Your BSG game score is vital to your overall performance as a business student. However, like other business simulation programs, the business strategy game is challenging, even for veteran gamers. You have to familiarize yourself with the game and your competition and apply various tricks and strategies to gain a competitive advantage over your class members.

To help you get started, we have put together various business strategy game cheats, hacks, and tricks to put you in the champion status. With our BSG tutoring, advice, and guidelines, you can be sure to get your target scores in BSG online simulation.

All you need to do is contact us today and let us know how we can help you. Our BSG Online Game Help experts could even engage in the exercise on your behalf!

Business Strategy Game Cheat Sheet

The secret to winning and establishing cost leadership in the BSG online game is by increasing your image rating, growing the earnings per share of your athletic footwear company, and maintaining an average return on equity investment (ROE), to mention a few. Below are more business strategy game cheats and hacks.

Let’s delve right in!

1. Boost Your Company’s Market Share Across the Four Geographic Regions

An excellent way to stay ahead of other players in the business strategy game (BSG) is to ensure your company’s products are evenly distributed across the four regions, including Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Europe Africa. The following are tips for establishing the dominance of your industry across the regions:

a) Reduce the Delivery Time

Maximize your company’s profits by ensuring a short delivery time. When your retailers get your products on time, they will likely not run out of stock, reducing the chances of purchasing from your competitors. You will also meet consumer demands on time, which is critical to acquiring brand loyalty and attracting new customers.

b) Maintain High S/Q Rating

Industries with a high S/Q rating will likely outshine those with a lower Business Strategy Game( BSG) rating. The reason? A higher S/Q rating means consumers get the total value of their cash.

With that being said, it is worth noting that various factors impact your product’s S/Q rating. Such factors include the quality of your footwear’s materials. Be sure to use superior materials to gain a competitive edge.

Your company’s previous year’s inventory also affects your product’s S/Q rating. For this reason, ensure you exhaust the inventory for the previous year before preparing for a new one. How? You could consider selling leftover inventory at a discounted price to increase demand.

c) Provide a Variety of Shoe Designs

Cater to your target customers’ different tastes and preferences by offering a wide range of shoes. Offering a variety of footwear designs allows consumers to choose, increasing the chances of selling more shoes.

d) Provide Retailer Support

Increase the likelihood of your brand’s footwear being sold in retail by offering retailer support. This helps you build a strategic partnership, whereby retailers more from your brand than the competition.

You could offer support to your retailers by providing more information about your footwear designs and styles so they can pass it on to the customer. Increasing marketing and advertising to improve brand awareness is also an effective way to offer retailer support and improve profit margins.

e) Build a Well Thought-out Pricing Strategy

Be strategic about pricing. For instance, you could set a lower wholesale price than the average market share price. This allows you to sell more shoes than the competition, especially when other variables, including S/Q ratings, are unaffected.

f) Improve Your Website Sales Effort

A highly effective internet sales effort is critical to your Business Strategy Game (BSG) performance. Boost website sales efforts by ensuring high celebrity appeal, excellent shipping operations, high S/Q ratings, and investing in robust advertising.

g) Robust Advertising

Be sure to prioritize your marketing and advertising budget. The reason? Investing in advertising will not only enable you to capture a broader market share and buyers. Your brand’s suppliers will likely stock up on your footwear products when they feel supported.

2. Increase Your Image Rating in Business Strategy Game (BSG)

An established brand needs to achieve an image rating of at least 70 to win BSG online business simulation. With that being said, various factors impact your company’s image rating. They include:

  • The patented and private label footwear’s market share across the four geographic regions stated by the Business Strategy Game
  • Your company’s patented Styling/Quality (S/Q) in all the geographic regions
  • The company’s actions depict corporate citizenship, and the organization’s practices show its ability to run in a socially acceptable or responsible manner for over four to five years.

Want to increase your brand’s image rating? Reach out to us today. Our BSG online gamers can help you attain an image rating of about 70 to stay ahead of other players. The following are more ways to improve image rating in BSG online business simulation:

a) Establish the Best-Cost Strategy

The first step to improving your company’s image rating is to create the best cost strategy. The reason? An excellent cost strategy increases the styling/quality rating. Working with a high styling/quality rating and low-cost pricing is directly linked to an increased image rating.

b) Achieve 20% Market Share in All Business Segments

It is critical for your company to maintain a 20% market share in all segments, especially when competing against five companies. This ensures your business’s services are evenly distributed across the four geographic regions the business strategy game (BSG) states.

To maintain your company’s best interest, ensure your industry is the first to get at least stars, especially when other firms have built the best cost strategy.

c) Invest in CSR Initiatives

Investing in CSR initiatives is critical to improving your brand’s image rating. However, ensure you are strategic about how much money you put into the initiatives. Be careful not to understand or overspend.

3. Improve Profit Margins

One of the most effective strategies to gain a competitive advantage and ensure your company’s success in the business strategy game (BSG) is boosting your profit margins. The following are our best tips and trick for increasing your company’s profits:

  • Leverage the differentiation strategy. Set your footwear brand apart from the BSG online business simulation competition, adding unique styling designs and features to your products. Unique designs and features appeal to a broader customer base, increasing the styling and quality of your product and, consequently, the profit margins.
  • Build the best cost strategy. Consider establishing a low-product cost strategy. More people will likely purchase from you when your products cost less than the competitors. However, be sure to lower the operating costs to avoid incurring losses.
  • Aim at being the cost leader in at least two market segments. Be sure to focus your effort on being the industry leader in many market segments by making strategic decisions. For instance, you could invest in strategic management to dominate the internet sales, wholesale market, and private label, or focus on retailers and suppliers.
  • Achieve dominance in more than two market shares across the four geographic regions stated by the business strategic game (BSG). Invest in new technologies to run highly efficient production plants at an affordable price compared to other companies in the four geographic regions.

With that being said, ensure you choose a specific strategy and stick to it across the regions to maximize profits. Alternatively, customize your BSG online game strategies to suit your target audience’s needs and preferences or the competition in a specific region.

4. Engage in CSR Initiatives and Corporate Citizenship

An athletic footwear company must display excellent corporate behavior to improve its brand image and excel in the Business Strategy Game (BSG). There are various ways to show corporate citizenship, including eco-friendly production materials.

For instance, you could use recycled packaging for your branded footwear. You could also introduce employees to best practice training like ethics training and employ a diverse workforce and training programs.

Investing in employee best practices training improves the quality of work done. Your company’s workmanship becomes of a greater standard. For instance, with best practices training, you lower the number of rejected footwear due to failing to meet the stipulated criterion. Including your staff in best practices training also boosts the overall brand image.

With that being said, ensure you couple best practices training with other strategies, including implementing an excellent pay base, upgrading plant capacity, offering employee incentives, and boosting compensation levels to improve staff productivity and your score in the business strategy game (BSG).

You should also be cautious when creating the employee best practices training budget. The last thing you want is to diminish your BSG online company’s marginal returns.

5. Analyze and Understand Market Reports

Perhaps the most critical thing you should do when playing the business strategy game (BSG) is to study and analyze your company’s market reports. This is because familiarizing yourself with the reports allows you to make strategic decisions and predictions about the type of strategy to implement to have positive network effects and win the BSG online business simulation.

Here are some of the reports you should take the time to analyze:

  • The Company reports. For the company report, be sure to analyze factors like the plant operation report, income and cash flow statement, private label, branded distribution, sales forecasts, and balance sheets.

  • The Competitive Intelligence Report (CIR). The CIR provides a detailed market overview, enabling you to understand the factors impacting competition. Such factors include delivery times, prices, supply/ quality ratings, and your advertising efforts. CIR also allows you to look at the company analysis reports of your competitors, enabling you to determine the competing factors of other class members or teams.

  • The Footwear Industry Report (FIR). In the business strategy game (BSG), a footwear industry report gives you a snapshot of the factors that impact the production of your branded footwear and private label. These factors include the number of shoes the company has sold, the cost of superior materials, the promo code, supply/quality trends, and demand forecasts for subsequent years. FIR also shows your athletic footwear company’s prices compared to the competitors, among other information.

Having trouble analyzing your company’s market reports? Reach out to us today. We can help you make sense of the reports to help you make excellent decisions for your footwear industry. Our gamers, with years of experience, can even help you write the market reports to enable you to save time!

6. Maintain a Positive Financial Position

Financial choices are the most critical decisions you must make in the business strategy game. To gain a competitive edge and stay on top of the business simulation challenge, you must decide the type of lender financing to sign up for, how long you will take to settle your debts, when and how to repurchase shares of stock, and the rate you should pay shareholder’s dividends.

The following are tips to maintain a favorable financial position in BSG online game:

  • Increase your company’s stock prices by at least 5% between the tenth and the fifteenth year
  • Leverage cash to retire or repurchase outstanding shares. This enables you to raise your return on equity, stock prices, and earnings per share.
  • Increase your shareholder’s dividends payouts. This instills confidence in the shareholders, which can raise your organization’s shares stock price.
  • Strive to get a credit rating of B+ and above. An effective way to raise your credit rating is by paying off your debt as soon as possible. With that being said, establish the type of loan most suitable for your company before signing up for one. Consider taking out a long-term loan instead of a short-term one. This is because long-term lender financing has low-interest rates.

The Ultimate How-to Guide for Business Strategy Game (BSG) Online

As you engage in the business strategy game, especially when you are a beginner, you will experience multiple moments where you ask yourself, “How do I calculate this?”, “How do I do that?”. To help you make favorable decisions, we have put together a detailed how-to guide to help you in each decision entry.

Let’s get started.

How to Increase Credit Rating in the Business Strategy Game

Boosting your credit score is critical to improving your overall performance in the business strategy game. With that being said, various metrics impact your company’s credit rating. They include the interest coverage ratio, debt-to-asset ratio, and the risk of default ratio.

Below are ways to boost your credit rating:

  • Direct your athletic footwear company’s cash flow into lowering the debt-to-asset ratio in the organization’s balance sheet.
  • Refinance your loans at a discounted rate or pay off the debt to cut the interest rates
  • Lower your company’s total interest expenses to combat the risk of a default ratio
  • Lower debts and increasing assets can also enable your company to reduce the debt-to-asset ratio

How to Raise Your Return On Equity (ROE) in Business Strategy Game

Return on Equity investment (ROE) refers to the net profit or net income of a specific company divided by the shareholders’ equity in the organization. If your company has a high return on equity ratio, the business earns significant profit per each dollar the shareholders invest.

With that being said, return on equity is one of the performance measures in the business strategy game. For this reason, your company should strive to maintain an ROE of at least 15% to be safe. Be sure to monitor your company regularly and take strategic measures to improve it to gain a competitive advantage.

The following are ways to raise Return on Equity (ROE) in the BSG game:

a) Establish Measures to Increase Net Profits

When calculating your company’s average return on equity, the net profit or net income is always the numerator, so you should maximize it. For instance, if you run an athletic footwear company that operates at a plant capacity of 80%, you could expand the organization’s operations to increase profits.

b) Repurchase Shares of Stock

An effective way to increase your company’s return on equity investment is by repurchasing shares of stock. The reason? When you repurchase shares, you minimize shareholders’ equity in your organization, enabling you to maximize profit.

In the return on equity formulae, the average shareholder’s equity in the business is always the denominator.

How to Increase Earnings Per Share in The BSG Game

Earnings per share (EPS) refers to a company’s net income or net profit divided by the shareholder’s shares of stock in the organization. If your company has high earnings per share, it means the business is making more profit per share of stock outstanding, and vice versa is true.

In the business strategy game (BSG) online, earnings per share are among the top five performance measures on which companies are graded. Monitor your company’s EPS regularly and take strategic actions to increase it to take the lead in the business simulation exercise.

Below are ways to raise earnings per share in BSG online:

a) Pursue Actions to Increase Net Income

The net profit or net income is the numerator in the formula for calculating your company’s earnings per share. Be sure to raise net profit to maximize earnings per share.

b) Repurchase Shares of Stock

Consider repurchasing shares of stock to reduce the number of shareholders’ share equity in your organization.

How to Increase Stock Price in BSG Online Game

The business strategy game does not provide a formula for determining stock price. However, based on our BSG Game Online Help expert’s knowledge of the game and finances, Stock price is directly linked to returns on equity and earnings per share. This means that the higher the ROE and EPS, the higher your company’s stock price will likely be.

If you are looking to increase your athletic footwear company’s stock price, consider raising the return on equity, increasing your earnings per share, maintaining a solid credit rating, beating the expectations of your investors, and increasing the organization’s dividends YoY.

Get in touch with us today. We can help you implement strategies that enable you to boost your return on equity, improve your credit rating, boost your image rating, and increase stock price in the Business Strategy game.

BSG Guide – How to Win the Business Strategy Game

Do not let a poor BSG game score ruin your overall performance. Leverage our top tips for winning the business strategy game to get your target score. However, if you get stuck, email us today. We will provide the help you need when you need it:

1. Pick a Strategy

The first step to a successful BSG online simulation challenge is choosing a winning strategy. By picking a plan, you increase the chances of making significant profits, which is critical to winning the simulation. It also prevents you from prioritizing market share, money, and revenues, which could lead to losses.

There are various BSG strategies you could invest in, including Large Capacity, High Quality, High Models, Low Price, and strong advertising, to mention a few. Here are the top two BSG winning strategies:

  • The high quality/low model BSG game strategy. In this BSG strategy, you and your team should pair branded footwear with a supply/quality rating of eight stars and above with low models number. Consider starting with at most 50 models.
  • The Mid-quality/high model BSG strategy. In the Mid-quality/high model strategy, your athletic footwear company should combine shoes with medium-quality footwear with a supply/quality rating between five and six stars with high model numbers. Consider starting with around 250 to 350 models.

With that being said, once you pick a BSG strategy, stick to it to maximize your net profits in the business strategy game.

2. Buy Back Stock in the Beginning Stages of the Business Strategy Game

The beginning stages of the business strategy game are the most critical, so you should maximize them fully to gain a competitive edge in the final stages. An excellent way to use the early stages entirely is by buying back stock as early as possible while the prices are significantly low. This enables you to expand your financial benchmarks, increasing the chances of winning the business simulation challenge.

3. Sign Long-term Contracts with Celebrities in the Begining Stages of the BSG Game

Robust advertising is critical to increasing the demand for your products and expanding your market share, and celebrity bids can help you grow your offering. Celebrity completion is less intense during the early stages of the game, but it intensifies towards the middle of the game. The competition then declines in the later rounds.

To weather the financial storm in the middle and later stages of the game, consider buying long-term celebrity contracts in the early stages. With that being said, do not bid too high on celebrity contracts. Consider putting a low or medium bid on celebrities. For instance, you could lock a $3000 to $6000 bid on celebrities.

4. Work as a Team

The Business Strategy Game provides an environment for you and your class members to work collaboratively to run athletic footwear companies. The first step to increase the chances of success in the game is to integrate with your team and determine how you complement each other.

Build synergy in your team by ensuring every member of your group fits in the grooves of each other. Members should also choose and support a common BSG strategy to win. Be sure to also support diverse points of view from your team members. However, only back the views supported by in-depth research and knowledge of the game.

5. Launch a Private Label

Launching a private label may strain your finances, but it is vital to increasing your company’s profits. A private label increases your dominance in the market and allows you to sell the most affordable shoes. You do not even need to put more money into your company to launch a private label. Leverage excess production capacity to build your private brand.

Upon launching your private label, be sure to price the shoes below $5. The last thing you want is for your private-label footwear to cost more than the wholesale prices, which will lower the chances of selling. You should also ascertain that the shoes meet the standard S/Q rating in your preferred geographic region.

6. Watch for Price Elasticity

Once you create your company sales forecast, check to determine whether or not adjusting the wholesale and internet prices for your branded footwear impacts the demand for your offering. According to the business strategy game, consumer demand depends solely on price ranges, not individual factors.

7. Place Random Amount Bids on Celebrities and Private Labels

The business strategy game awards private label and celebrity bids down to the penny. Increase the chances of winning a bid by placing a random amount bid. For instance, instead of bidding $40.00 in a celebrity bid, bid $39.95 to lead in the bid.

8. Invest In Long-Term Initiatives

Invest in long-term initiatives such as Our BSG Online Game Help and best practices training to raise the likelihood of winning. With us, you are assured of making strategic decisions that help you improve your business strategy game score.

Contact Our BSG Online Game Help Today!

The business strategy game can be challenging. However, this should not stop you from engaging in the simulation challenge. Familiarize yourself with outer top business strategy game cheats to improve your score and emerge at the top of your class.

In case you have any questions about the business strategy game help or require assistance engaging in the exercise, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We are ready to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you increase net profit in a business strategy game?

Be sure to build a solid cost strategy to boost your net profits in the Business strategy game. You can build a solid cost strategy by acquiring economies of scale in Asia Pacific and Latin America.

You could also reduce best practice and ethics training, lower Total Quality Management (TQM), increase prices and remove supply/quality rating to boost net profits.

2. How do you get bonus points in the business strategy game?

To earn a bonus point in the game-to-date score in a given year in the business strategy game:

  • Your industry’s actual total revenue should be within ±5% of the estimated total revenues
  • The company’s actual earnings per share should be ±5% of projected EPS or within 10¢
  • The industry’s image rating should be within ±4 points of the predicted image

3. How can I improve my Credit Rating in BSG?

Boosting your credit score is critical to improving your overall performance in the business strategy game. To improve your credit rating in the business strategy game:

  • Direct your athletic footwear company’s cash flow into lowering the debt-to-asset ratio in the organization’s balance sheet.
  • Refinance your loans at a discounted rate or pay off the debt to cut the interest rates
  • Lower your company’s total interest expenses to combat the risk of a default ratio
  • Lower debts and increasing assets can also enable your company to reduce the debt-to-asset ratio

4. How can I be successful in the BSG game?

Increase your chances of being successful in the business strategy game by picking a winning strategy, building space in Asia Pacific and Latin America, investing in celebrity bids, and watching out for price elasticity.

You could also take the lead in a BSG game by not skipping your 3-year financial projections, prioritizing teamwork, and investing in long-term initiatives such as leveraging BSG Online Game Help.

5. How can I increase my net profit in the BSG game?

To increase your net profit in the BSG game, start by trimming warehouse, labor, delivery, and material expenses. You should also boost your top line as well as the bottom line, reduce best practice and ethics training, lower Total Quality Management (TQM), increase prices, and remove supply/quality rating.

6. How to increase EPS in the BSG game?

An excellent way to increase earnings per share in the business strategy game is by repurchasing shares of stock. When you repurchase shares of stock, you lower the number of stared owned by stockholders.

When the net income is divided by a lower number of shareholders’ shares, it translates into higher earnings per share.

7. How can I increase my demand for the BSG online game?

Get as much demand for your products as possible by investing in the high model number BSG strategy, increasing the supply/quality rating, and leveraging solid advertising. This enables you to increase your company’s market share. Investing in solid retailer support can also help you boost your company’s demand in the business strategy game.

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