How To Increase Image Rating in BSG Game

How To Increase Image Rating in BSG Game

With each performance measure holding 20% of your BSG score, you must maintain a high image rating to win the BSG game. But what happens when your strategies keep lowering your BSG image rating?

Students sometimes face the challenge of maintaining the required image rating of 70 or more. However, with proper guidance, they maneuver through the best cost strategy to improve image rating in BSG.

This guide entails BSG expert advice on how to increase image rating in BSG game. If you get stuck implementing any of the ideas, feel free to ask for BSG help!

What Is Image Rating in BSG?

What does image rating mean in the Business Strategy Game?

The image rating is one of the BSG performance measures used to rank your company’s progress. The business strategy game requires every team to maintain an image rating of 70. A figure less than this makes your business lag behind, while a figure above 70 puts you ahead of the competition, increasing your chances of winning the simulation.

The image rating is influenced by three factors:

  1. The branded styling quality (S/Q) rating of each geographic region
  2. The business strategy game mentions the private label footwear and branded market shares for all four geographic regions.
  3. Company actions to prove corporate citizenship and implementing plans or actions that promote social responsibility in a period of 4 to 5 years.

By year ten, all companies usually have an image rating of 70.

Increasing BSG Image Rating

How can you increase image rating in the Business Strategy Game?

You can improve your image rating in the following ways:

  • Implement the Best-Cost Strategy

The best cost strategy impacts your styling and quality rating. Consequently, not developing and implementing the most effective plan may affect your image rating negatively. So ensure you work with a low-cost price to appeal to the customers more and improve your image rating.

  • Focus on Branded Styling Quality Rating

The higher the S/Q rating, the better the image rating in BSG. So, you should invest in an effective branded styling quality strategy to increase your image rating. You can achieve this by allocating enough advertisement budget, winning private label sales, and lowering footwear prices.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

Also known as the CSR initiative, corporate social responsibility activities help your company give a good impression to society and display corporate citizenship. This improves your image rating significantly, pushing your score further up.

While maintaining a perfect score of 70 for the image rating is important, you must be careful how much you invest in corporate citizenship or S/Q rating initiatives.

What To Do When the Image Rating Goes Down

So, your image rating keeps dropping even after several actions to improve it?

Don’t panic because most learners face the same challenges when playing the BSG online game. You can start by implementing the three strategies for the different aspects of the image rating.

Then ensure you maintain a great score for your credit rating, Earnings per Share, ROE, and stock price. And suppose you get stuck implementing any of these requirements, don’t hesitate to ask for help to obtain the perfect score!

Image Rating and BSG Score

The BSG online game has five performance measures that impact your score. The scoring system places weights of 20% for each performance target to sum up to 100. They include

Image Rating

To win BSG, every team is required to maintain an image rating of 70 or above.

Credit Rating

Your credit rating should be B+ at the end of year 10

Stock Price

BSG requires every company to have a strong stock price averaging around 7% yearly and 5% annually after this. When your company pays a rising dividend to the shareholders and surpasses the yearly EPS targets, you can easily reach this stock price.


BSG requires you to grow earnings per share by at minimum 7% yearly through year 15 and 5% after that. Board members and shareholders justify this value through 7% to 9% growth of the global footwear market in year 15 and a 5-7% growth rate in years 16 to 20.


You must maintain an average equity investment of 15% or more yearly. The ROE is obtained by dividing the net income by the shareholders’ equity.

BSG Scoring Standards with Image Rating

BSG online game uses the following standards to score your team and rival companies

1. Investor Expectations (I.E.) Scoring Standard

The Investor expectations standards rank your company through an Annual Expectation Score and a Game-To-Date or All-Year Investor expectation score.

  • The Annual expectation Score is determined by your ability to meet or exceed the five performance targets yearly.
  • The Game-To-Date score is calculated based on your team’s ability to accomplish or exceed the performance targets over all the years.

Important things to note when scoring the annual expectation score:

  • Performance Target: Meeting every performance target assigns you a default weight of 20 points or 20%. For example, if your scoring weight for image rating is 20% meeting the image rating target, you earn a score of 20 points on the image rating performance measure. This applies to the other four measures too.
  • Bonus Points: Beating the target for any performance accrues you a 0.5% bonus for every 1.0% extra points. This condition holds for up to a maximum of 20% bonus for each performance.
  • Below Expectation Score: Failure to meet the expected results for every performance assigns you points between 0 and the maximum of 20 points, depending on the percentage you accomplish.
  • Negative Results: If your company has a negative EPS, you will not receive points for, I.E. EPS performance. If you record a negative ROE in a certain year, you will not receive any points on this measure.

Your annual I.E. score equals the sum of all the five investor-expected target scores. When you attain the expected target, you receive 20 points on each giving you 100 points. But when you supersede the expected target performance, you can gain up to a maximum of 120 points, I.E. score.

Important points to note for the Game-To-Date Investor Expectation score

  • The EPS scoring is based on the weighted average EPS for all years against the target for all years completed.
  • The Game-To Date Investor Expectation ROE scoring is computed by your company’s weighted average ROE for all the completed years versus the average BSG ROE target of 15%.
  • The Game-To-Date Investor Expectation Stock Price scoring is determined by a company’s most recent stock price.
  • The Game-To-Date Investor Expectation credit rating is ranked according to how your company’s most recent credit rating compares with the target of B+.
  • The Game-To Date Investor Expectation image rating is scored according to how your company’s overall image rating compares to the target performance of 70.

The sum of all the five target performances gives you the total Game-To-Date Investor Expectation score.

2. Best-in-Industry (B-I-I) Scoring Standard

This standard measures how well you perform relative to the best industry performer based on four measures: ROE, EPS, image rating, and stock price and how close you are to the maximum credit rating of A+.

Every company’s best-in-industry score is obtained by combining the point total on the five performance measures. To get a 100 score, you must be:

  • The best industry performer in the stock price, image rating, EPS, and ROE.
  • You must accomplish the targets set by the board of directors for ROE, EPS, image rating, and stock price.
  • You should have a credit rating of A+
  • Overall Score (Annual I.E + Game-To-Date I.E+ B.I.I Scores)

3. Overall Score (Annual I.E + Game-To-Date I.E+ B.I.I Scores)

The overall score is the sum of the Investor Expectation Score and the Best-in-Industry Score. The Annual Overall Score is obtained by adding the weighted average of their respective annual I.E. scores to the annual B-I-I scores.

The Game-to-Date Overall Score is computed by adding the weighted average of the game-to-date, I.E. scores to the game-to-date B-I-I scores.

4. Bonus Point Scoring Awards

Companies can qualify for two special points in every decision round to boost their game-to-date overall score. The two awards are part of the simulation scoreboard and are automatically computed and added to any qualifying companies annually. They include:

  • Bull’s Eye Award: Given to the companies that accurately project their performance.
  • Leap Frog Award: Awarded annually to the most improved overall performance score of the year.

That’s how your BSG score is rated. Stuck at below-average or experiencing constantly dropping scores? Don’t panic; BSG experts can help you develop the right company actions to improve the five performance target scores. All you need to do is express your current conditions and collaborate with the best BSG professional for the online exercise.

Get Reliable BSG Image Rating Help

Winning BSG is hard work, which may sometimes be difficult to commit to if you’re working and studying simultaneously. Thanks to reliable BSG image rating help, it helps you enjoy the following benefits

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Are you experiencing challenges in different areas of your head-to-head competition? If yes, you can find professional assistance in all the sections. Here are some areas you can get help

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  • Improve your profits
  • Increase the company’s global market shares
  • Grow the net revenues
  • Increase credit rating
  • Increase ROE
  • Develop a winning business strategy for the BSG game

The BSG help is not limited to these areas; you can always present your questions to the BSG game team anytime.

  • Exclusive BSG Game Services

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Let’s Improve Your BSG Image Rating

The perfect image rating score is awarded to a socially responsible athlete footwear company with a high S.Q. rating. While stating this is easy, developing a strategy to achieve a good image rating is daunting. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights or keep up with a poor image rating score; BSG game experts can help you meet the simulation requirements.

Visit our site today to connect with the right tutor to improve your image rating!

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