What Is Business Strategy Game?

What Is Business Strategy Game?

Are you new to the business strategy game?

The Business strategy game is a simulator designed for instructors to equip learners with business management knowledge and skills. Then assess their application to real-world business operations.

Technically, all students are entrusted with firms that resemble actual athletic footwear companies with good financial status, excellent brands, and performing well. The board of directors expects you to develop a winning competitive strategy that ranks your company as an industry leader, increases annual earnings, and improves consumer interest in footwear.

BSG gathers students from all over the globe, making it a very challenging task. Fortunately, you don’t have to miss important work activities or spend sleepless nights to succeed in the simulations; you can get BSG game help online!

What Is Business Strategy Game?

The business strategy game is an online simulation where students are divided into teams and assigned to run an athletic footwear company. The groups are usually in a head-to-head competition against each other during the online exercise.

The company’s operations parallel those of a real-world athletic footwear company. And similar to the business world, students operate in a global market selling branded and private-label footwear to the four geographic regions Europe Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and North America.

Every company is required to make decisions for the different aspects, including:

  • Online sales
  • Finance
  • Workforce compensation
  • Plant operations
  • Distribution and warehouse operations
  • Sales and marketing

This simulation’s main challenge is developing a competitive strategy that creates a respected brand image to contend for market leadership and record good financial performance.

Components of Business Strategy Game

So, what is business strategy game, and what does it entail?

1. Company Operations

In the business strategy game, companies market footwear to retailers globally, and individuals purchasing online through their websites. Each company starts with two plants in North America and Asia Pacific. During the initial rounds, you are free to operate the plants over time to boost your production capacity by 20%. Then later, you acquire more production facilities in Europe-Africa, and Latin America.

When a company’s capacity exceeds the branded footwear demand, it can bid for contracts to produce private-label athletic footwear that matches the retailer’s specifications.

Newly produced footwear is shipped to one or all four geographic centers. And the incoming orders are filled from the matching location’s inventory. Your team must correspond the online orders with the specific region’s inventory to avoid high shipping costs.

Costs for the four geographic regions Europe-Africa, Latin America, Asia, and North America are computed from packing and shipping fees, inventory storage costs, import tariffs, and the exchange rate impacts.

2. Decision-Making

Each decision round demands that the co-managers make 53 decisions in the following spectrum

  • Upto 6 decision entries of CSR and corporate citizenship
  • Upto 10 production decision entries for each plant (max four plants)
  • 3 entries for workers’ compensation and training for each plant
  • Upto 6 decision entries for plant capacity upgrades or sales for each plant
  • Upto 8 shipping decision entries per plant
  • Upto 10 pricing and marketing decision entries for each of the geographic decisions
  • Upto 2 decision entries per celebrity bid
  • Upto 8 finance decision entries

    3. On-screen Support Computations

This BSG component provides instant projections every time managers key in a decision on the following metrics:

  • Revenues
  • Unit sales
  • Market shares
  • Earnings per share
  • Total profits
  • ROE
  • Unit costs

And other metrics to help the co-managers evaluate which of the decisions has the best results. The Business Strategy Game provides a video to perform this exercise.

4. The Pursuit of a Winning Strategy

Every team starts the simulation with equal global market share, sales volume, revenues, profits, product quality and performance, costs, and brand recognition. This ensures that all the students compete on a fairground.

The global demand for athletic footwear typically grows by 7% to 9% in the first five years and 5% to 7% in the subsequent five years. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that the demand growth varies depending on the geographic locations and the aggressiveness of your company to seek additional sales.

5. Determining the Outcomes

Instructors set the deadline for each decision round and other assignments. Decision rounds can be scheduled once or twice every week or every day. Once the deadline arrives, the BSG algorithm will allocate market shares and sales to each company according to the four regions.

Why Play BSG Online?

As challenging as BSG online is, new students keep registering for this course. But why? Here are reasons why you should play BSG online:

  • Cultivate Managerial Skills

Business Strategy Game exposes you to actual athletic footwear companies operations, equipping you with the necessary business management skills. For instance, you’re expected to run the marketing, production, and finance departments seamlessly to get great results.

In addition, you operate in a head-to-head competition in a global market arena, allowing you to cultivate managerial skills. This valuable practice of overseeing different company operations helps you acquire business acumen to handle businesses regardless of their performance.

  • Decision-Making Skills

The Business Strategy Game requires every team to make the following decisions:

  1. The CSR and citizenship screen
  2. Branded sales forecast
  3. Plant capacity decisions
  4. Branded production decisions
  5. Branded shipping decisions
  6. Internet marketing decisions
  7. Wholesale marketing decisions
  8. Celebrity endorsements contracts
  9. Private-label athletic footwear decisions
  10. Finance decisions

All these departments test your ability to make effective decisions to increase the business’s profitability. Every new round comes an opportunity to improve your decisions to improve your results and score. Consequently, you acquire excellent decision-making skills.

  • Competitive Advantage in the Job Market

As a global platform, BSG has a thorough teaching and learning process that adheres to international business standards. Hence, it has a proven record of producing top-notch professionals fully equipped to tackle the different complexities in the business world.

Most investors find BSG graduates a matching solution to their business needs as they produce excellent outcomes for their enterprises. Hence, pursuing a Business Strategy Game course will help you stand out from other job candidates.

  • Problem-Solving Skills

The BSG game is a constant exercise of identifying problems and developing the right solution for them. Think about it; the year you experience an inventory shortage-you have to curb this problem by creating a better strategy to ensure your plan produces enough footwear sufficient for the next year.

And when not dealing with inventory issues, students are either dealing with marketing or finance departments. This equips you with problem-solving skills, helping you develop a plan for any complexities that may arise in the real business world.

  • Educational Benefits

As a course that follows international studies principles, the Business Strategy Game provides students with numerous educational benefits. For instance, it challenges students’ cognitive abilities and promotes critical thinking when making business decisions.

Besides improving critical thinking, BSG gives students a feeling of accomplishment, especially those who draw satisfaction from achieving academic objectives. They also get to choose from wide-ranging career opportunities.

Tips To Win Business Strategy Game

BSG is a very challenging task, especially for new students. To avoid poor grades and consistently dropping scores, here are tips you can use to win the BSG game

  • Teamwork

Business strategy game assigns different tasks in the form of teams. This means you and your classmates operate as groups instead of individuals. This can be difficult, especially when every member airs a different opinion when developing strategies for your company.

However, you should use this to your business advantage by allowing everyone to fully feel part of the process and commit to the company. When doing this, ensure that the suggestions from your members are research-based.

Another way to foster teamwork is by learning how the team members complement each other. Whichever role one plays best, let them contribute and work toward the success of that aspect. This will help you defeat the rest of the teams.

  • Developing an Offensive Strategy

Some Business strategy game guides will overemphasize watching out for your competitors’ moves and creating even better plans to defeat them. Ironically, you can win the BSG game by doing the opposite of this – diverting your strategy.

To employ this tip, you must invent a distinctive or new market segment. This will create and acquire new demand for your company, making your competitors irrelevant. In addition, you will need to focus on the SQ rating of your new product instead of out-promoting your rival companies.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

When the government issues a company with a license to operate, it requires them to be socially responsible. This is to promote the community’s well-being and act in an honourable way that does not disrupt others. BSG expects the same from your team!

And although you need a good CSR impression to improve your score, you should be careful not to spend too much money than your business can afford. So, ensure you balance business growth and CSR budget to boost your image rating.

  • Improve Your Image Rating

Your image rating is among the five performance targets that impact your final score. The business strategy game has an image rating requirement of 70, which all companies must maintain or go above to win the simulation.

The fact that image rating contributes to 20% of your score, you should strategize on how to increase it. The low-cost strategy is an ideal solution for this because it helps you boost the SQ rating at a lower price, improving your image rating.

  • Improve the ROE, EPS, Credit Rating, and Stock Price

ROE, EPS, and stock price are the other four target performances. A strong stock price and high ROE and EPS prove your company is financially performing well. You can beat the other teams by growing your net profits and revenues to boost the EPS and stock price points.

Moreover, using a balanced scorecard approach to measure your company’s performance will help you develop effective plans for achieving a good financial position and marketplace. You can also implement other specific ROE measures to boost your company score.

  • Lower Cost To Win the Business Strategy Game

Lowering your company’s costs has multiple benefits for your firm. One is increased net profit margins and low-priced products that attract significant sales. So, start by identifying the lowest price you can accomplish the desired market share.

Then study and test the different branding options, including TQM, styling, and material combination, to choose the most suitable one with the lowest expenditure. In addition, invest in SQ rating and plant upgrades to enjoy a return on investment in the following years.

Mistakes To Avoid In BSG Game

Students often base their investment on their competitors’ moves. However, it can harm your performance since your rivals combine different measures to accomplish their results. Below are more mistakes you should avoid when playing the BSG game

  • Investing in plants upgrade during your advanced rounds means you will not have enough time to break even. So, take this action at the beginning of the simulation.
  • Do not overlook the footwear industry report, as it informs you on the most effective approaches to implement on the different aspects of your game.
  • Want to boost your image rating? Don’t spend extreme amounts of money on corporate social responsibility initiatives, as it can push your finance off balance, lacking enough funds to operate your business.
  • Celebrity endorsements don’t have usefulness metrics, so ensure you spend moderately on these adverts.
  • Avoid lowering the internet price as it can dismantle the wholesale segment.

Finally, avoid switching strategies after a poor implementation in the current year. Instead, follow through with the right plan to yield excellent results.

Why Is BSG a Good Simulation?

BSG allows you to enjoy superior features, including

1. Customizable Teaching and Learning Process

The Business Strategy Game does not follow a fixated instructional methodology. It is flexible, and the instructor can customize different aspects of the game for effective learning, depending on the course they are teaching.

Moreover, instructors are allowed the freedom to choose options during the simulation. For instance, they can alter the default weights for the five target performances. Hence, instead of having a 50-50 for the Investor Expectation standard and the Best-in-Industry standard, they can choose different combinations, such as 67% and 33% or 33% and 77%, among other options.

2. An All-Round Course

The Business strategy game is a comprehensive simulation that produces all-rounded professionals. It exposes students to acquire theoretical knowledge concerning business management. Then presents them with company operations parallel to the real world, challenging them to practice valuable lessons from the simulation.

Moreover, the simulation assessment criteria cover both theoretical and practical aspects. They include:

  • Game-To-Date Score
  • Business strategy game Quiz 1
  • Business strategy game Quiz 2
  • 3-year strategic plan performance
  • Company presentation
  • Peer evaluation score

3. International Studies

The Business Strategy Game follows international studies requirements. It adapts a setup and a curriculum that works in global businesses. For instance, during the simulation, you will encounter with global market arena and compete against students from across the world.

In addition, the BSG game exposes students to different aspects of business operations, including CSR, internet marketing, and branding. This prepares you to run and tackle global business complexities seamlessly. So, whether you’re learning strategic management or undertaking an advanced business administration program, you can work anywhere in the world.

4. Study Anywhere Anytime

Another feature that makes BSG stand out is its location and time flexibility. BSG online is a digital learning platform that allows you to access your course materials and learn without geographical or timeline restrictions.

Hence, you can collaborate virtually with your members for a discussion at midnight or during the day, regardless of your location. This works best for students working full-time while studying business strategy game.

Why Get BSG Help Services?

From standing out in the job market to exploring top career opportunities globally, the Business strategy game offers massive benefits. Most students who want to succeed in this game seek BSG expert help due to the following reasons:

  • Dropping Scores

Students may experience constantly dropping scores, especially in the advanced rounds. Yet, even after trying to implement several strategies, they keep obtaining below-expected results.

Not meeting the five target performance scores may result in poor grades. To avoid this, students ask for BSG professional help online to solve the complexities they encounter in the simulation.

  • To Win

Let’s face it; most students register for the Business strategy game to win. And although this is a desire for many, it is challenging as you compete against international learners, some with better resources and ample time.

Thanks to BSG help online, you can connect with previous BSG graduates with vast experience handling the simulation’s components. Whether you’re struggling with corporate governance or making decisions for the company’s departments, the BSG team can help you.

  • Lack of In-depth BSG Understanding

Understanding some BSG aspects can be difficult, leaving you inadequately prepared for the simulation requirements. Due to this, most students get stuck implementing strategies to improve the company’s market position and credit rating.

Fortunately, you can hire a Business Strategy Game graduate with proficiency in the aspect you’re struggling with. They will tutor you and help you develop a suitable plan to ensure you improve your scores.

  • Tight Schedule

Are you juggling a full-time work position with a BSG course?

Work can get demanding, but this does not mean you should neglect your BSG scores, especially if you’re eyeing a promotion position in your company. Balancing the two simultaneously can be impossible, as some professionals must work overtime.

Fortunately, you don’t have to experience burnout trying to produce excellent results in both worlds. You can hire an expert to help with your BSG assignments and simulation complexities. This will allow you enough time to focus on your career while enjoying educational benefits.

  • Expert Guidance

From making decisions for all the departments to constantly strategizing for the five target performances, BSG can be challenging to hack. Thanks to the simulation experts who have a mastery of what is required in different aspects.

So, whether you’re struggling with forecasting sales or improving your target performance, the BSG tutors can guide you through each simulation area. Moreover, they have experience solving complexities that arise during mid-simulation rounds.

BSG Game Services

  • What is business strategy game?
  • What should I do if my image rating keeps dropping?
  • Is there a winning strategy for the BSG game?

These and more questions are what BSG experts receive from students. If you’re learning strategic management and have just begun engaging in the simulation, you might be in a dilemma about where to start.

Fortunately, you don’t have to keep up with low scores. The following BSG game services can help you accomplish your educational and career goals.

BSG Winning Strategy

Are you uncertain about the right strategy for the simulation? BSG provides a wide range of approaches to apply in your rounds. Choosing the right strategy can be overwhelming as you have to learn and fully understand what each strategy entails and the outcomes it produces.

Thanks to the BSG winning strategy service, you can leave this hassle to professionals. Depending on your simulation requirements, they will help your team develop a winning strategy. Whether it means combining two or more strategies to produce maximum results, they’re ready for the hard work to help you win!

BSG Assignment Help

Business instructors will often present students with additional BSG assignments, especially if they want to focus on key areas in their teaching practices. As a result, you might encounter multiple quizzes and report-writing tasks you didn’t expect would be part of the simulation.

And suppose you’re working on a tight schedule, you will find it difficult to juggle between the BSG basics, work, and additional assignments. Thanks to the BSG assignment help, you can seek professional assistance from individuals with experience handling BSG homework.

BSG Tutoring

The Business Strategy Game presents students with a wide-ranging curriculum that covers numerous elements. Understanding all these aspects can be challenging as it requires much time to research and watch videos on the BSG site.

You don’t have to burn out trying to learn what Investor Expectations or image rating entails. BSG tutoring can help you learn what every element covers and how it works, even within a limited period. All you need to do is connect with the desired BSG professional, and they will tutor you as per your availability.

BSG Game Guide

From preparing for the simulation to conducting valuable practice for each round, the business strategy game can be a cumbersome exercise. Moreover, if you have no clue what happens in each step of the simulation, you might have to deal with poor scores.

Thanks to the BSG game guide, it provides exhaustive details. The guide starts by defining what is business strategy game, and explains the step-by-step activities for the subsequent sections individually to ensure you grasp the simulation’s requirements.

BSG Free Advice

The world economic trend changing swiftly, creating the need for versatile professionals. Hence, most instructors may customize the learning techniques for their students to shift their focus to certain areas. Think about it; when your business professor decides to increase the I.E score to 77% and decrease the B.I.I score to 33%; you’re forced to follow suit.

Another instance is when your instructor alters the import tariffs for the four regions, you might want to change the strategy. Quick changes are not easy, and therefore your team may get stuck on virtual setting discussions. When this happens, don’t hesitate to get free BSG advice from experts!

Make Your BSG Order

Do you feel it’s time you get business strategy game help services? Here is how to make an order with our professionals

Step 1. Complete the Order Form

When you visit the BSG Game site, you will find an order form requesting you to fill in details such as the type of service, the timeline, and the payment card details. If there is any other necessary information, include it in this step.

Step 2. Make Payment

Depending on the urgency of your service, the system will autogenerate a matching fee and display it to you. Once you get the price, make payment so the system can usher you to connect with a business strategy game expert.

Step 3. Monitor the Progress

Now that you’ve paid, you can collaborate with your favorite BSG tutor to help you through your simulation or homework tasks.

Step 4. Give Feedback

Did you find our service helpful? What do you think about our tutor? Our service values customer feedback, so feel free to tell us whether you were satisfied with our service or if you need any adjustments made in the future.

Why BSG Game Services?

Feeling uncertain about online BSG help? Here are reasons why students keep coming to us

  • Convenient Service

When are you available for BSG tutoring?

What areas do you need help understanding?

The BSG game services provide you with customized help to ensure you enjoy maximum benefit. So, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance whether you need tutor sessions during the day or at midnight. Moreover, our team leverages the virtual setting to help you succeed in the simulation.

  • Connect with BSG Experts

Whether you’re learning strategic management or advanced business administration courses, our BSG team comprises graduates in these fields. This helps us to provide top-quality assistance to all students. Moreover, we allow you to connect with an ideal expert who shares a similar educational background with you to ensure your needs and the service you receive are in sync.

  • Pay Less Get More

The constant search for top-notch BSG services at an affordable price can be tiresome. However, with the BSG Game Help, you get more for lower price tags. Our company considers the hassle students have to go through paying for their international studies, accommodation, and family needs.

As a result, we have an affordable list of prices for all the service options to help you achieve your educational goals. So, feel free to contact us for reasonable BSG assistance.

Connect with Your Desired BSG Tutor Today!

Whether you’re a business administration or strategic management student struggling to complete the simulation rounds, the BSG game help is here. Our goal is to help you succeed in BSG so you can kickstart or advance your career without straining.

So, contact us to connect with your desired BSG tutor today!


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